Spirit Bags

Spirit bags are treat bags given to "secret teammates" and based on a simple concept:

YOU MAKE ONE, YOU RECEIVE ONE!  Participation is purely optional, for the 8 & Under crowd!

The general rules for spirit bags:

  • Do not spend much money (maybe $5 out of pocket at most)
  • Include fun snacks that swimmers will enjoy. Some candy is okay and often hoped for...
  • No gum.... gum doesn't belong at swim meets.
  • Avoid chocolate...remember it's hot and nobody wants melted candy in their bag.
  • Inexpensive toys or fun items. Maybe recycle some "old treasures" (nothing broken please). Or there is always the Dollar General store! Think glow bracelets, things like happy meal toys, notepad and cool pen, etc
  • All toys and items should be gender neutral as bags are not distributed by gender or age.
  • Make a special good luck note or picture for your teammate.
  • Place all items in a plastic gallon sized zip lock bag.
  • Please refrain from packing peanut products.

Bring your spirit bag to home meets. Look for the spirit bag volunteers -- right next to VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN. Swimmers need to hand in the bags BEFORE warm-ups in exchange for a stamp on the hand. After warm-ups, swimmers return to the spirit bag station for a new spirit bag and lots of surprises. Very fun, especially for our younger swimmers.


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