Team Gear and Apparel

Information on 2017 Gear and Apparel and Gator Gear Day: SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 2-4pm

Required gear for swimmers:

1.  GOGGLES. Swimmers must provide their own goggles. Swimmers need to bring goggles to all practices and to meets. It's advantageous to have a back-up pair.

2.  SWIM CAP. Swim caps are required for both practice and meets. ONLY CGST CAPS ARE ALLOWED AT SWIM MEETS. Latex CGST caps are provided free of charge. You can purchase a silicone CGST cap if preferred. Or, personalized CGST caps (with your last name on side of cap) can be ordered on Gator Gear Day.  See below.

3.  SWIM SUIT (Racing suit). Please note, team suit is NOT required, though many swimmers do enjoy purchasing the team suit.  If you do not opt to buy a team suit, we recommend a black or navy blue suit for meets.

Labeling all swimwear, team shirts, and towels with a permanent marker will help reduce lost summer inventory!


Update 5/9/17: WE WILL HAVE TEAM T-SHIRT AND CAP PICK UP ON THE POOL DECK ON MAY 16, MAY 17, and MAY 22. Parent tees, silicone caps, magnets, and trucker hats will be for sale!

Gear and Apparel Vendor:

Our swim suit Vendor for 2017 is Freestyle. Freestyle will be at the Y on Sunday April 23 from 2-4pm for suit fittings (with suits ready to be purchased). If you cannot come on this day, but you want a team suit, you can visit Freestyle at 475 Westfield Rd in Charlottesville at anytime.

Our suit this year is a return to a more traditional thick strap solid suit for girls and jammers for the boys. Suits are solid navy blue (Dolfin brand) with embroidered logo on them. They look amazing! If you have never purchased a racing suit, it is highly recommended that you try one on first and ask Freestyle for advice on fit. Competition suits are very slim fitting.


Gator Gear Day:

Gator Gear Day is SUNDAY APRIL 23 at Crozet Park Pool. Come pick up your free team tshirt!  You may also purchase silicone caps, parent tees, and new this year, hats! We will be in the exercise room of the Y. Stop by if you can. 


Here is the process for ordering personalize swim caps this 2017 season: 

1. All orders need to be in by May 8.

2. Cost of caps is $15.

3. A minimum of 2 per name must be ordered, but any quantity over 2 is possible (3, 4, 5, etc).

4. Please send an email to with the quantity you would like and the name you would like on the cap, or come to Gear Day to complete order in person.

5. Payment must be made via check, made out to CGST. It can be put in the Gator Gear folder at the pool if you are unable to attend Gator Gear Day.



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