Championship Meet

The JSL championship meet is held the last weekend in July on Friday and Saturday. This year it will be held at Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA) in Fork Union. All 18 teams participate in this event. It is a two day event where swimmers participate in ONE session depending on age group. Sessions will be determined by the champs committee and posted early in the season.

All teams have required team tents where all swimmers congregate, receive directions, and arm-bands for deck entry.  Swimmers CANNOT get on deck without the required arm-band, so it is important no one is late. Coaches escort swimmers to the pool for warm-ups. After that swimmers will go to the Clerk of the Course. Arrangements are being made to have the Clerk of the Course under a tent outside at the AFC this season. Swimmers will be escorted to the deck by clerks.

NOTE: No parents or spectators are allowed on deck, unless working a deck position. This is strictly enforced. Parents can view swimmers from the spectator area, the viewing sections set up outside (looking into the pool) or large TV's that will be set up. 

What to bring: 

  • Swim suit, goggles, swim cap, towels, sandals
  • A water bottle and lots of liquid
  • Chair for tent or grassy areas (no chairs are allowed in the building and no personal tents all allowed anywhere)
  • Games, books, ipod
  • Coolers are allowed at the tent area (concession is also available)



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